Understanding Blepharochalasis

Blepharochalasis is a condition where there is inflammation of the eyelids, causing stretching and atrophy of the eyelid muscles. Blepharochalasis cause excessive folds of the eyelids. Blepharochalasis generally occurs in the upper eyelid, and may occur on one side or both eyes. Blepharochalasis due to the swelling that occurs repeatedly, each of which lasted for several days. Due to the swelling, the accumulation of fluid in the eyelid tissue. In the end, damage to the eyelid muscle resulting in drooping of the eyelid, when the muscles are no longer able to hold the eyelids.
Blepharochalasis can be treated with some action, namely: external levator aponeurosis tuck, blepharoplasty surgery, chantoplasty surgery and dermal fat grafts. Dermatochalasis sometimes misinterpreted as blepharochalasis, even though they are different. Dermatochalasis is a condition where there is excess skin on the eyelid. If blepharochalasis generally occurs at a young age, dermatochalasis usually occurs in older people.

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